Code of Conduct


The London Squash and Fitness Club (the “Club”) is dedicated to providing its members, staff, guests and visitors with an environment in which they will be treated civilly and with respect. This Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviors of all Club members, staff, guests and visitors.

Individuals are encouraged to report any alleged incidents of prohibited conduct, whether they feel that it is directed toward them or someone else. Club management will investigate and deal with all concerns, complaints, or incidents in a fair and timely manner while respecting the complainant’s privacy to the extent possible.

When visiting other squash clubs or participating in Club related activity, members of the London Squash & Fitness Club are expect to uphold the standards of conduct outlined in this Code.


The expected behaviors of all members, staff, guests and visitors of the London Squash and Fitness Club include, but are not limited to, the following:

To conduct oneself civilly and professionally.

To treat others with courtesy, respect, and dignity.

To exhibit sportsmanship and fairness both on and off court.

To take care in ensuring that the Club’s facilities are used responsibly and not damaged..

When participating in events at other squash clubs, to comply with their rules and regulations.


Behaviors which may be contrary to this Code include, but are not limited to the following:

Behavior that demeans, ridicules, or embarrasses a member, employee, guest, or visitor. This includes comments, gestures, and jokes with may adversely impact the individual’s enjoyment of the Club.

Bullying, mistreatment, intimidation or teasing which creates an uncomfortable environment. Verbal abuse, belittling, or excessive profanity.,

Consumption of personal alcohol on the premises.

Theft of any kind.

Reprisal or retaliation against anyone who invokes this Code.

Harassment, sexual harassment, or discrimination of any kind.